Aussie Crew

The Aussie Crew server is classic style EQ progression server with a few re-imagined mechanics, and increased survivability for players.

The world is open, there are no hubs, and very few buffers. You start in your race's starting city and can roam the world. Both classic and kunark zones are open to all starting players, but levels are capped at 50 until progression goals are unlocked.

All players can expect to be able to solo, and either team up or burn precious resources to kill named near their levels. Content ranges from solo, to small groups, with raid content targeted at 1-2 groups, depending on gear. By defeating classic raid mobs, you can progress to 51+, and killing kunark raid mobs will unlock further content.

Overall, gameplay is along the lines of what you'd expect on an eq server, however a number of the usual everquest mechanics have been re-imagined to make things more fun, smooth the difficulty curve across classes, and to make fights with named mobs more epic. You'll definitely know when you're fighting a named!


XP Gain is a little faster than P99, and much slower than live. Lesson of the devoted is available to help progress people with limited play time. In addition, XP potions are an rare world drop.

Healing and mana regen potions also drop from any mob, they are somewhat rare but more common than XP potions.

While the location of enemies and loot generally matches live, named NPC's are harder and stats on items have been improved.

Enemy classes and races play a significant role in their stats. As a result, different tactics are more effective against tank, dps melee, and casters mobs.

  • Warriors and knights have high AC/HP and are good candidates for AC debuffs. Moderate DPS.
  • Monks, Rogues, etc hit hard and fast, slow them or kill them quickly.
  • Priests do less melee dps than warriors and knights, but can be troublesome with their spells and heals.
  • Casters are susceptible to melee and strong vs magic. Their spells are dangerous, but their melee damage is minor.
  • Furthermore, enemies fall into three broad types - regular, named, and raid. Named are significantly stronger than their regular counterparts, and Raid mobs are significantly stronger than named. You'll typically need to plan and prepare for fights vs a named, and of course raid mobs.

  • All Criticals have multiple tiers, each doing more damage and additional effects.
  • High tier criticals have incredible effects that inspire allies.
  • Players are granted four fundamental abilities that can be used to tip the balance in tough situations.
  • AC is more effective, especially at higher AC levels.
  • Shields can be used to block attacks, and both tanks and priests get the block skill when using shields.
  • Better shields improve the chance to block.
  • Special attacks like bash, kick, flying kicks; do significantly more damage.
  • Bards, Beastlords, Clerics, Druids, and Shaman get double attack by level 20.
  • Rogues get kick, and round kick.
  • Spell damage and healing scales with the relevant magic skill.
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